Commencement, my turn next!

Meena Vembusubramanian

An old high school friend made fun of me the other day for having a bunch of dry "oooh this is what I'm working on now" entries -- thanks Jacqueline :P! Though, I know I'm guilty as charged, sometimes I just am that obsessed with what I'm working on, but most often, I'm at the same place Jeff was at a couple weeks ago, and just don't know what to write about!

So in the spirit of continuous improvement, let me know what you want to hear about from the perspective of a rising senior (!!!!!) at Olin!

In the meanwhile, I can't believe I already sat through Olin's second commencement, which was beautiful, classy, and yet very Olin. Congratulations to Olin College's second class, woo!

I really like that commencement, both last year and this year, has been not just a seniors-and-families event, but something that a considerable number of students in other classes, as well as all our faculty and staff are excited about -- one of the things I love about having a small, close community. While I'm always excited to see Olin grow and evolve, I hope we never outgrow being able to have a lot of inter-class interaction.

Check out the commencement website (here) for more details and pictures in the near future, but until then:

Conor Frackleton ('08), one of the junior class reps. helps us get an early start on fund raising for senior activities next year.

Me, Robin Maslowski ('07) and Angela Sharer ('09) are excited to see the sun finally come out after the ceremony. Picture taken on Angela's camera.

Olin really teaches us to do something different with our diplomas.

That's it for now, thanks for reading!

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