Candidates' Weekend Reflection - Luis '21

Firstly, I’d like to give a big thank you to all the Candidates who visited Olin over the course of the three Candidates' Weekends, CWs for short. You all were great, and I hope you had fun. But, as exciting as it was for you all, it was probably even more exciting for us students, who were extremely happy to be able to meet, greet, and interact with the lot of you. We remember how great our CWs were, and so we want to pass that feeling on to all future Candidates.

For such a big event, though, we needed to have things planned weeks in advance.

That Design Challenge? We had a committee to create the challenge – everything from the topic, to the materials; from the objective, to the mini-challenges for materials. Each year, a new Design Challenge is held, thought up by the current first years. Meetings are held, supplies are ordered, and game scenarios are run in the weeks approaching the first CW. The people you’ll meet volunteering on the day of the challenge are likely first years, eager and excited to meet all the Candidates.

Every performing group (Ex: Olin Conductorless Orchestra, Franklin W. Olin Players, Olin Fire Arts Club, etc.) practices in order to perfect their craft. We want to show you how cool we are, but also how fun we can be. So, for example, the OCO might open up with the theme of the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who instead of the Bach or Tchaikovsky that you might have expected and FWOP will most definitely include a few references to Olin culture, making whatever play they do even more funny and unique.


We get to show off not only our engineering prowess, but our artistic talent!

The three most exciting parts of the CWs for us students are hosting a dinner group, showing you all our rooms, and the scheduled down time. Why? Because we get to talk to you! It’s like a dedicated time to interact with new people and get to know some faces that we’ll be seeing next year. This means that we’re not presenting anything to you, we’re just there to chat and maybe throw a disc while also being able to answer any of the obscure questions you weren’t able to ask throughout the day.

The atmosphere of Candidates' Weekend has, like many things at Olin, become a tradition of sorts. We hope that whoever takes our place next year can continue to make wacky Design Challenges, compile a test of unsolvable questions, and just generally make the Candidates' Weekend a fun experience representative of Olin life and culture.

We’re first years. We’re old. We can’t wait to see who’ll step into our shoes next year.


Bonus, an Olin Definition:

Candidates' Weekend: One of three weekends where Olin Candidates come to Olin as their final step in the admission process. During their two days, the Candidates converse with Olin students, explore the campus, and participate in a fun, student-hosted Design Challenge. 

That’s how I’d describe it to most people, anyways. But, if you’d like to know the truth, it’s a weekend where Candidates get to come and experience Olin and Olin gets to experience them.

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