C is for Cookie [& a Few Other Things]

You may be wondering what the heck my title means! Well, because I love alliteration, I tried my best to make this post all about C : Creative Confidence, Community, CORe, and Changing Olin. I may be biting off more than I can chew (ha, cookie joke), so if you want to know more deets, tweet me @jordyn_olin14, or shoot me an email (check my aboutme page).


I recently finished reading Creative Confidence, a book by the Kelley brothers (you may know them as the founders of ideo). Rarely do I make the time to sit and read a book, yet somehow, I finished this one in a mere day and a half. This book happens to be endorsed by our own President Miller, and I recommend it to all of you, dear readers.

The biggest takeaway from this book lies in how we can enable everyone to be their most creative self to solve real problems-something that I believe Olin does well. The opportunities we have here to explore our passions both in and out of the classroom fuel our passions, and allow us to do things we think are awesome and can make a difference. The emphasis on teamwork, and recognizing that we can all bring something equally exciting to the table, is such an important lesson.

Community at Olin manifests in many ways. Whether it is classes, friends, or silly adventures, the support structure here is second to none. Today, I chatted with my alumni mentor (banter buddy) about jobs; tomorrow, I'm doing the same with faculty. There are so many amazing resources to help us students make informed decisions, whether it be about classes to take or paths to follow after graduation.

On a less long-term note, our class recently had a 'classy night,' using the funds from winning the registration survey. A significant portion of our class showed up, looking particularly sharp, and had a blast. Shout out to Helen and Suzy ('14) for doing a phenomenal job organizing such a fun event!


Here's my SIBB family, having a blast creating halloween candy masterpieces.


CORe and Changing Olin have overlap since this past weekend's CORe meeting. CORe stands for Council of Olin Representatives, our student government. This year in CORe, we are going to tackle two bigger initiatives in parallel with our normal functions: students & Olin's messaging, and the work/life balance. 

As you may know, Olin's in decade two, and the school's mission/focus has shifted from building a school to spreading our message. As students, we are great sources of information, especially as we go to the outside world and share what we have learned. CORe wants to do its part to help the student body best be those messengers. At the same time, we want the student body to find their best work/life balance, and will be making efforts to change that. I'm really excited about these large-scale activities-I think they will have a lasting impact on our community and culture.

Another thing that I'm doing this semester that I love is a co-curricular, led by Professor Jessica Townsend. Though it's officially called the Curricular Think Tank, we affectionately call it the curriculum co-curricular (CCC-gotta love alliteration). During this once-a-week lunch meeting, we talk about proposed changes, and ideate about ways to change the curricula. I can't wait to see how these deep conversations may affect the future of Olin!

Moral of the story: at Olin, there are so many ways to be involved past what you do in your courses. Whether you're on a committee, active in a club/organization, or just doing something you love, you can have a lasting impact on the Olin community.


Jordyn '14

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