Breaking the Olin Bubble

Caroline E. Condon '13

Hi all. Sorry for the radio silence these days - sometime, I'll explain the scheduling factors that made this fall an extremely technical and time-intensive "normal course load".

Busyness aside, I'm taking the night off to watch that most American of contests, wherein commentators attempt to say the least with the flashiest graphics. Oh, and people get elected too.

Olin's insulating effect ("the Olin Bubble") is sometimes cited for keeping Olin students rather separate from political events, but it doesn't seem to be in effect for this election. We've had informal pre-votes, rides organized to the Needham polling place, lots of anguish about the lack of stickers for absentee ballots, and I know off-hand of at least 5 lounges where the results are being watched live. In true Olin style, in EH1 lounge we have media on more devices than people.

All in all, I've been proud of the thoughtfulness and civility at Olin. Regardless of what happens, I'm pretty sure we'll all still be talking tomorrow - and at a 300 student school, that's awfully important!

Posted in: Class of 2013