Between 11:11 and 2.2

Hi everyone, 

I was having a little trouble to think of a title for this post, so I looked at the bottom right of my computer, and it displayed 

"11:11PM     2/2".

What is between these numbers? TIME.

Two weeks have passed already since the beginning of this new semester! 

There are 24*7=168 hours in a week. I'm taking five 4-credit courses this semester. That means it will take me about 5*4*3=60 hours each week. 9*7=63 hours of sleep and personal hygiene, 2*7=14 hours of meals, 2*7=14 hours of miscellaneous activities, which leaves about 17 hours a week of free time this semester. 

What does this mean?

This means that if I spent my whole Saturday having fun with friends (which I did recently - I went to the Museum of Fine Arts, ate hot pot and learned to play HearthStone), I would have no time to play all week. But this math doesn't exactly represent my real life and I'm not complaining, because I like my courses.

My favorite class is Mechanical Prototyping. I didn't have any experience with Solidworks nor machine shop work before, so everything is new. We did a cool project where we 'designed' our own names already and I got trained on a half manual, half automated mill yesterday.

Thumbnail image for IMG_0350.JPG'Judy' design

We will eventually design and build kinematic sculptures, like mini versions of the ball orchestra at the Boston Airport (Terminal E). These have been of interest to me for a long time, and recently some of my classmates built one out of sticky notes..

airport ball sculpture.JPG

Complex ball sculpture orchestra at Logan Airport

In Material Science we are investigating the materials of everyday objects. Our team got to take apart speakers! We are using fancy machines to test materials. After MatSci and Mech Proto, my third 'M' course is 'Markanics' (Mechanics taught by Mark Somerville). It is surprisingly challenging but also interesting. It involves quite a bit of thinking and I got a taste of what a problem set class in college is like- (you don't want to/can't finish them in one day).

Other new fun things I'm doing this semester are Fire Arts Club (I finally joined! Currently swinging pois around), a beekeeping co-curricular (Yeah, beekeeping in the middle of all this snow...but we still saw some small, fluffy yellow creatures) and Chocolate Making Passionate Pursuit! I just ordered my molds and disposable piping bags from Amazon prime:). 


Walnut Pralines!

So, a fun and potentially exhausting semester ahead of me!

To all candidates: I'm so excited to see you all! I hope you will like CWs as much as I did. This again reminds me how fast time passes by. Almost one year since my CW already, 350 days, 8400 hours and 504000 minutes.


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