In awe

As a first year coming in with very minimal experience on the engineering side of things- meaning I had never touched a breadboard in my life, or heard of MATLAB, or been trained on any machine, ever, I sometimes find myself thinking about the past few weeks and looking at everything I've done so far here in awe.

Literally I sent a picture of my first circuit to my mom. And I felt like a boss.


My first circuit and I. 

Now I'm like, "Dang Nitya, look at you, making an anemometer and slightly sort of understanding what it does!" I mentally pat myself on the back every time I do a project or lab, so I get a lot of mental pats on the back, which just makes me feel like a pretty darn happy, accomplished person. And I still feel like a boss.

I don't feel just accomplished academically, either. I've learned so many skills, technical and non-technical, from the amazing clubs we have on campus. I've learned what it's like to throw an event. I've helped run a design challenge. I've joined the Hands-On-Learning Co-curricular. I've learned some basic blues dancing (and been to Cambridge to dance!).  And I'm having the busiest, best time of my life.

I'm not just in awe of everything I've gotten to do while I've been here, I'm in awe at how awesome everyone else here is, too! When I was moving in, I was nervous about having to make friends since I'd known most of the same people through middle school and high school. Everyone is so friendly and accepting of people's personalities that I shouldn't have had to worry in the first place. Once we all got talking and bonding over the first few weeks, we all became bros and pals, and that's a beautiful thing. Even though I've been here for just 2 months, I feel like I've known some of these people for years. I'm in awe of this community- for everything it is. I can't get over how happy I am here, with the relationships I've been building with my fellow students, with everything I've learned, and with how much more there is to learn. 

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