Apple Picking!

Hey, Olinsider! If you’re new here, my name is Mads, and I’m a member of the Class of 2022. I like long walks in the woods, skipping stones into the Parcel B pond, and long weekends! Who doesn’t like a little extra rest? But before I got to Olin, I never considered what I would do over the long weekends on such a small campus. Hopefully, this will give you a little information about what Oliners do on our extended weekends!

About a week ago, we had our second long weekend of the 2018 Fall session-Indigenous Peoples’ Day, 10/8. Being at Olin is great, and I’m definitely having a lot of fun while doing a lot of work… but over longer weekends it can feel a little suffocating to be trapped in the Olin Bubble.

On the Sunday before Indigenous Peoples’ Day, SAC—the Student Activity Committee—organized a school-wide apple picking trip for us! The SAC president provided a bus that sat 50 students, allowed other students with their own cars to shuttle people to the orchard as well, and got each student a voucher to get apple cider, an apple cider donut, a hayride, a half peck bag of you-pick apples, a caramel apple, and a run through the hedge maze.

If you’ve read my previous post, you might recall that I am a South Floridian. I had never gone apple picking before, and it was a blast! One of my big SIBBs¹ has her own car, so my SIBB family² went in her car to allow for more free seats on the bus. I was given the AUX cord and played 2000s pop there and back. We enjoyed warm cider donuts and climbed into trees to reach the best apples. On our way home, we stopped at a tiny local farm store and picked up some concord grapes. It was the perfect weekend trip, and I think it’s a great example of how fun the Olin student community is.

Mads Picking Apples

In the apple orchard!



1: SIBB stands for Students Interested in Building Bridges. It’s Olin’s name for our first year-upperclassman bonding program.

2: First years have one upperclassman “Big SIBB”. One big SIBB can have multiple little SIBBs over their years at Olin, and those original little SIBBs can become big SIBBS as well, which can create a web of SIBBhood: a SIBB family.

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