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Hey everybody! My name's Ben, last of the student bloggers, and I'll be your friendly host for Wednesdays.

There's been an awful lot going on recently, so I'm going to skip the intro for the time being and direct you to my About Me page. In fact, you should check out everybody's page (over there in the left sidebar); we've got a really great group here blogging for you.

I just had my 22nd birthday this weekend, which definitely makes me the old man of the group. One of the things I did to celebrate was to go out to a fantastic dinner in the city. Every year at Olin, SERV hosts an auction selling goods and services from the Olin community to benefit charities (this year the proceeds went to the Chernobyl Children's Project and Partners in Health). Among other things, this year I won a huge dinner donated by everyone in the Office of Student Life (I also won homemade pumpkin cheesecake from Allison, of Allison's Blog fame). The dinner was family style at Maggiano's in Boston, which means that everyone had a great time and ate way too much. It goes to show you how friendly all the staff here are, since none of them had any problem with teasing me all night!

Maggiano's Dinner

(from left to right) Alison Black (assistant dean of student life), Loretta Dinon (student accounts manager), Steve Krumholz ('06), Linda Canavan (registrar), Nick Tatar (assistant dean of student life), Adam College ('07), Will Clayton ('06), Carol Kelley (student life assistant), me, David Soo (study away coordinator/residence hall director), Brian Shih ('07), Nathan Karst ('07), and Rod Crafts (dean of student life)

This month, we have been working with our partner affiliate in Merrimack Valley, MA to help them finish their project for Operation Home Delivery. Basically, we framed an entire house in sections inside a warehouse. Next weekend, it will be shipped down to the Gulf coast to areas affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We all had a great time, did some good work for a great cause, and had a Warehouse Party afterward with homemade cake and Chick-Fil-A (Ok, I guess I did get to eat too much this time too) .

Olin students framing

Rob Nix ('07) and Lilly Cho ('07) work on framing a wall

The whole Operation Home Delivery group

(left to right) Kristen Dorsey ('07), Lilly Cho ('07), Rob Nix ('07), Duc Nguyen ('08), Tim Hanna ('07), and Erika Boeing ('10) standing in front of the house we built

I think that's all for this week. One thing that I hope you noticed about this post is... PICTURES! I've got a photography habit to support, so I'm going to try and have at least one picture per post. That means that you should feel free to send me on assignments around campus: Wondering what the exercise room in the dorm looks like? Heard we have a scanning electron microscope on campus? Your wish is my command.

Please feel free to leave questions and comments. I promise I will answer them all, either in a post or by personal e-mail as appropriate. And oh yeah, Happy Valentine's Day!

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