Welcome from Jamie Gorson!

Happy May Day, Oliners! It's our final day for confirming your enrollment at Olin in the Fall of 2013, and we couldn't be more thrilled for those of you who have already sent in your decisions. To give you another warm welcome, we have a brief video from Jamie Gorson '16, which some of you may have seen on the thumb drive. Regardless, in the spirit of May 1st, here's the link:


Hi, I'm Jamie Gorson, Olin Class of 2016. When I was
accepted to Olin, they sent me a thumb drive. I thought it was so innovative to send
thumb drives instead of forms, yet the content itself wasn't particularly exciting. So,
with the help of PGP, the Admissions office, and many others around Olin, I made
this video to welcome accepted students to Olin. Enjoy!


turk gif.gif

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