Welcome, Class of 2020!

Saturday was move-in day for the Olin Class of 2020. It was truly a gorgeous day on campus, warm and sunny, and buzzing with the nervous energy and excitement that comes with starting something new. I had the distinct pleasure of introducing the Class of 2020- my first class as Dean of Admission and Financial Aid- and then officially passing them over our Provost, Vin Manno, after lunch. An excerpt of my remarks is below; I think it gives you a peek into our community. Enjoy!

My job today is to present you, the Olin Class of 2020! As I got to know you through your applications and at Candidates’ Weekends, I was certainly impressed: academically your preparation and potential rival any top college and university across the country.  You- and your parents- should be extremely proud! The Class of 2020 represents 30 states, DC and 5 countries and is gender balanced at 47% female. Nine of you are first-generation college students (like me!). Your class includes students from many unique and varied backgrounds, perspectives, identities and cultures. We are proud to call all of you Oliners, and while your academic and demographic metrics are striking, it is your personality, your interests, your Olin-ness that makes you truly remarkable. It’s these qualities that helped us take a diverse and talented pool and create the dynamic community that is Olin. 

As a group:

  • You are altruistic: 83% of you participated community service
  • You are athletic: 60% played at least one sport
  • You are entrepreneurial: 8 of you founded a business
  • You are scholarly: 15 of you did research at a college or company
  • You are creative: among the Class of 2020 you will find musicians (instrumental and vocal), dancers, dramatic artists, creative writers, and visual artists
  • You are responsible: 54% of you had a job and four of you were caretakers for family members
  • You love robotics! And that makes so much sense- we are Olin after all! 62% of you participated in competitive robotics in high school.

As individuals:

  • One of you climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • One of you developed an android app to educate first time voters in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • One of you teaches American Sign Language to other students
  • One of you has written six novels
  • One of you is the gardener of your apartment building (and three other students are involved in gardening or farming)
  • One of you was a Director at a student founded and run organization called Girls Bridging Communities, which promotes racial, socioeconomic, and gender diversity in STEAM fields through hands-on, project-based learning.
  • One of you lived on and repaired the Appalachian Trail
  • One of you marched in the Rose Bowl Parade with your high school band
  • One of you organized an exchange program with a school in Kenya
  • One of you competed in ABC's Battlebots
  • One of you is a freestyle kite surfer
  • Two of you conducted research on water quality
  • One of you is in an Indie band called Horses of Thought
  • One of you sailed from Florida to Cuba to Mexico on a “boat of questionable integrity”, and then pulled an all-nighter on the streets of Isla Mujeres to finish your Olin application on New Year's Day
  • One of you is involved in competitive tractor driving
  • One of you raised 1,010 books with your Nat’l English Honor Society for a high school in Swaziland
  • One of you is a certified fencing referee for the USFA
  • One of you was a coauthor of a published scientific paper than pointed towards the possibility of primordial life on Mars!
  • One of you recently portrayed Wendy Darling in your dance studio's ballet production of Peter Pan
  • One of you is a creative and technical design consultant for a start-up that creates ethically manufactured products in the US
  • Two of you are pilots
  • One of you worked on a ropes course at a camp for children with organ transplants
  • One of you is a unicyclist

And as a whole you are the next generation of engineering leaders! Welcome to Olin, Class of 2020!

Emily Roper-Doten speaks to the Class of 2020.

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