Welcome, Class of 2019!

Last Saturday was move-in day for the Olin Class of 2019. It was truly a gorgeous day on campus, warm and sunny, and buzzing with the nervous energy and excitement that comes with starting something new. I had the distinct pleasure of introducing the Class of 2019 and then officially passing them over to our Provost after lunch. I wanted to share my welcoming remarks here, because I think it gives you a peek into our community:

My deep affection and respect for Olin began when I worked here recruiting the classes of 2009 and 2010- we didn’t even have four classes on campus in my first year. In those two short years I became enamored of the Olin mission so I am absolutely thrilled to be back among the Olin Community as the Dean of Admission and Financial Aid.

My job today is to present you, the Olin Class of 2019! As I learned of your accomplishments, I was certainly impressed: academically your preparation and potential rival the top colleges and universities across the country.  I am sure you- and your parents- are extremely proud! The Class of 2019 represents 28 states and 8 countries and is nearly gender balanced at 46% female. While these metrics are striking, it is your personality, your interests, your Olin-ness that makes you truly remarkable. It’s how we took a diverse and talented pool and created the dynamic community that is Olin.  

As a group:

  • You are altruistic: nearly three quarters of you participated community service
  • You are athletic: 56% participated in sports teams
  • You are creative: over 75% participated in arts of all kinds
  • You are responsible: nearly 50% of you held a part-time job
  • You love robotics! And that makes so much sense- we are Olin after all! Over half of you participated in competitive robotics in high school.

As individuals:

  • One of you has a pilot license and one of you is working on a pilot license
  • One of you taught English in India
  • One of you can solve a Rubik’s cube in under 20 seconds
  • One of you is a competitive rock climber
  • One of you built a desktop bamboo water fountain
  • One of you is currently writing a science fiction trilogy
  • One of you designed a working “Phantom of the Opera” chandelier for your local theater
  • One of you is an independent film director and editor
  • One completed a solo bicycle ride from Hungary to the Adriatic Coast
  • One of you co-founded a weekly after school Math Club for 4th and 5th graders
  • One of you painted a mural for charity in downtown Dallas, TX
  • One of you created a school garden where the harvest goes to the local soup kitchen
  • One of you designed and built a robotic prosthetic arm for a quadriplegic man
  • One of you has won the United Dairymen of Idaho’s Distinguished Student Award
  • One of was a two-time soloist for the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra
  • One of you has planned and led your high school’s first annual Young Women’s Engineering Symposium

And as a whole you are the next generation of innovative engineering leaders!

Welcome to Olin, Class of 2019!

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