Spring Has Sprung!

Goodness, my friends. We've got a BUSY two months coming up at Olin College of
Engineering, and I couldn't be more excited. In the spirit of yesterday's 70-degree weather, I'd like to announce a few things that are happening on the Olin campus to give all you
prospies an idea of just how crazy fun this campus is in the spring.

and foremost, the important stuff. Of course, by May 1st, our
Admitted students will make their final college decision. Every time we get an Olin confirmation, we highlight the list that's posted outside the Office of Admission.
Seeing more and more student names in bright highlighter yellow is the greatest
thing ever!


So excited for the incoming class!

Student Visits are also going on, which is wicked fun. I love walking across
the OVAL and seeing prospies being swarmed by current Olin-ers who are just so
darn excited to talk about how much they love the college. It means our poor
student workers have to do extra laundry, but it's totally worth it (right,
Justin? Kathryn? Ambika? Maddie? ... right, guys?) 

david tennant happy.gifRIGHT, GUYS!?

had a record number of visitors this month for our info sessions and tours, and
the student tour guides have stepped up in a huge way. Fingers are crossed for gorgeous
weather over the next few weeks for all of you high schoolers on April

And finally,
we've got a ton of fun stuff around the corner for current Olin-ers! BUILD DAY
is happening May 3rd, and that's going to be amazing. There are so
many projects in the works, and the whole campus will spend the day working on
these projects to improve our gorgeous and beloved Olin! EXPO is happening May
13th and 14th, and for those of you that got to check out
EXPO in the winter, this is going to be even bigger, better, and badder (a
little alliteration for your Wednesday!). And, of course, that big event
looming on the horizon... COMMENCEMENT is May 19th. I can't believe
how close it is, and I'm sure you seniors feel the same way. We in the Office of
Admission will miss you terribly, but we're sending you off with huge
congratulations for all the wonderful things you've accomplished during your
years here.

Whew! So
much to be done before the summer starts. At least there's a Dunkin Donuts nearby
on the Babson campus....


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