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23 days into September, and the Office of Admission has gone into hyper-drive. It's amazing, the difference that a scant three weeks can make on our day-to-day schedule. At the beginning of September, we were winding down from a lovely summer, where we were lucky to meet with visitors and prospective Oliners almost every day.

Now, we're suddenly going 100 miles a minute... but in a good way! There are so many fantastic projects that I've been working on over the past few weeks, and it feels good to be busier than ever. And of course, we're always prepping for the new applicants to come in while working on everything else.

To give you guys a glimpse into "What Goes On In Admissions", I'll clue you in to the details of two of the projects I've been devoting my time and energy to.


Alumni Resource List -

Many of you may have seen this posted on our Facebook page and Twitter feed (if you're not following us yet, you can do so here and here!) and this is one of the projects that I'm most proud of. When I started last fall, I became the Coordinator for the Student Recruiting Program, which utilizes parents of current students, as well as alumni, to help us out with recruiting efforts. They will attend college fairs on our behalf, reach out to new parents or prospective students, and they're the alumni and parents that you see at events like Fall Open House and Candidates Weekend. For a while now, we've wanted to involve more alumni in our recruiting efforts. Hence, the newly launched Alumni Resource List! Here, you can reach out to one of fifty-seven alumni (and counting!) to ask any student life-related questions that you may have. The alumni span from our first graduating class (2006) to recent grads (2013), and they come from a variety of geographical locations. They also represent diverse employment opportunities post-Olin!


So please, if you're a prospie and you want some insider perspective on life at Olin, feel free to reach out to one of these faaaabulous alumni. They're waiting for your email! You can find the alumni resource list:


OLINsider blog -

The OLINsider blog is our student-run blog that gives an up-close-and-personal view into life at Olin. I'm sure many of you have seen a post or two! In the past, the OLINsider has been run by four or five student bloggers who posted regularly. This year, we wanted to shake things up a bit and give more students the chance to let their voices be heard on the blog. Because, hey, the more perspective the better, right? So we sent out an email to the entire student body asking for volunteer bloggers. For about fifteen minutes, no new emails. Then, the volunteer emails started pouring in.


So this year, if you've kept up to speed with the OLINsider, you'll know that we've had about six different bloggers post already... and we'll be having dozens more who will be sharing their stories throughout the year. We'll also have new content every few days, as opposed to ever week (in general, new posts will come out on Tuesdays, Fridays, and some Sundays). The more diversity of opinions that we can share, the more well-rounded your view of Olin!

If you haven't checked out the OLINsider posts yet, you can follow them here: /sites/default/files/blog_archives/studentblog/


So that's a little sneak peek into the Office of Admission, and the projects we've been putting together! We're right on the cusp of application season, when we'll be running around like nutcases. 'Til then, stay tuned!


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