Musings from the wee hours of the morning

It’s been another week of crazy New England weather! First the wintry blast on Thursday - and it took me a harrowing FOUR-HOURS to drive 10 miles! The scariest part was that I *really* thought I was going run out of gas. Who would have thought that it could take over an hour to move less than a 1/4 mile?!? But Caitlin wins the prize in our office, poor thing… it took her SIX AND A HALF hours to get home! :(

Today, er…yesterday, it was a Nor’easter, which is basically only good for staying inside, curling up and reading…lots of applications. :)

Actually, being cooped up inside also gave me a chance to fulfill my SERV Auction obligation for the month. I’ve just finished baking cookies and super-chocolate brownies for Leslie ‘09 (who is quite possibly one of the kindest human beings on the planet, but was rumored to have threatened people if they outbid her on my baked goods!). Speaking of, I’ll try to round up some pics from the auction and add them to my random-assortment-of-photos-from-the-last-month-or-so blog that I hope to post in the near future.

As the sound of city snow plows lull me to sleep…..



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