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My name is Dan Johnston and I am the Regional Admission Counselor for Olin. I wanted to introduce myself since I am somewhat new to Olin. I have been working in college admissions for almost 8 years and have been with Olin since July 2018.  I am a regional counselor and that means I work for Olin but live someplace else. In my case, I am based in south Florida. My territory is the southeast United States, from Texas to North Carolina. One of the best parts about being an admission counselor is the chance to travel to new places to meet with students. This Fall I spent several weeks in Texas, drove all over south Florida, and even had a quick trip to Atlanta! I am looking forward to visiting more places soon!

One of the benefits of being a regional employee is that I get to meet with students in my area more often and in different settings. I was able to visit a few engineering classes at local high schools and see what students are working on. As a woodworker and tinkerer of sorts, I really enjoy seeing students’ projects as I can appreciate good craftsmanship and ingenuity.

I have been at Olin for 5 months and have really enjoyed my time here. Olin is unlike any other place I’ve worked and it has been fun to share that with students. One of my favorite things to talk about is the shop spaces at Olin. If you consider yourself a “maker” of any kind, then you will fit right in at Olin! Seeing a student’s face light up when describing just how awesome the facilities are makes me more excited to share it!

Unfortunately, I don’t get to travel to EVERY state in my territory every year but I hope to meet with many prospective students in the future. And of course, I’m always happy to chat on the phone, video conference, or through e-mail! Thanks for reading!

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Students, families, and counselors in Dan's territory can reach him at daniel.johnston@olin.edu

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