CW - A Few Thoughts, In No Particular Order

Candidates Weekend(s) 1, 2, and 3 are over. Finito. What a crazy feeling!

We've barely come up for air over the past four
weeks. Everyone- students, staff, and faculty alike- rallied to make the events
happen, and they went off without a hitch (despite the snow almost every single


A few thoughts about CW, in no particular order:

1. What a cool tradition this weekend is. Seriously,
I can't think of any other colleges that do this (although I'm sure there are a
few), and that was a sentiment that was echoed by parents and Candidates alike.

2. Interviewing the Candidates was by far and away
my favorite part. Watching ya'll interact with each other and getting to know
you on a one-on-one basis was really, really cool.

3. When I asked students "What kind of theme music
would you like to play every time you enter the room", my favorite answers
included Metallica, the Jaws theme,
and the Imperial March.

3. I am maxed out on M&M's. For real. I cannot
look at another M&M ever (disclaimer: this may not last the week).

4. The parents that I met are wicked cool and
supportive! You Candidates are so, so lucky. If you had a parent bring you to
CW, make sure you thank them!

5. I apparently talk about food way too much on the
blog and Facebook, because at least two or three people every single weekend commented on my food-related posts. Sounds
like they're more prevalent than I thought. 
And now this one is also food-related, so....there you go.

6. From what I gathered, here is a sampling of what
our Candidates love: cooking, robotics,
soccer, coding, hiking, Doctor Who, Star Trek, inventing, tinkering, bad puns.

7. I now have some excellent jokes for my arsenal
that I overheard on Saturday morning.

What do you call a fish with no eyes?


8. I pretty much say this every single post, but if
I had my way, I'd want every single one of you at Olin next year. No


Acceptance Committee has its final meeting on Friday
afternoon, and decisions go out around the end of March. So, try and relax over
the next few weeks, and keep your eyes on the mailbox!


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WHO has two thumbs and loves you?

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This kid.

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