Ask Oliners: Your Application Questions

Alia Georges

In case you missed us on Instagram Live this month, we've compiled a few of our "Ask Oliners" videos for your viewing pleasure! We collected the top questions we get from students before they apply to Olin and had current Oliners (who were in your shoes not too long ago!) take to Instagram to answer them. 

Part 1: Florian and Dianna

Check it out to find out: What's it like going to such a TINY college? What does it mean to be an engineering school where students are NOT just doing all engineering, all the time?

Part 2: Sam and Nabih

Check it out to find out: What's been your favorite project you've worked on so far? What's surprised you the most about Olin?

Part 3: Jen and Jerry 

Check it out to find out: What's been your best team moment at Olin? Now that this semester is ending, what are you most proud of?

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