Writing Software to Save Energy

Rebecca Patterson ‘18

Recently, we heard from Jason Curtis ‘12 about his job atEnergySavvy in Seattle, WA. EnergySavvy was started in 2008 by software veterans who wanted to transform the way energy efficiency is quantified and delivered. Here’s what Jason had to say about working there and and having fun in and outside of work:

Jason at a trail work party on a free weekend.


Tell us more about where you work and what you do there.

I'm a software developer and team lead on a new product team. I spent 2 years doing development on our flagship product and then moved to a team where we are building a new product. I write code, coordinate the development team, help make architecture decisions, and make sure technical priorities are addressed and balanced with product goals.

What is a typical day like at your place of employment?

I show up at 8:30, write code until the team’s standup sync meeting at 11:05, then spend the hour(ish) before lunch coordinating the team and discussing things that need discussing. Lunch is delivered and I eat with other EnergySavvy folks in the office, then write code until 4:30/5.  There are also weekly backlog grooming, retrospective and sprint planning meetings, as well as design reviews, code reviews, planning discussions, etc. that fill up little spaces in my time. 

What do you feel you are doing that's innovative?

I'm building products that help bring distributed energy efficiency projects into the computer age, applying software-as-a-service and data science concepts to help utilities cut demand.

How have you made a difference in the world since leaving Olin?

I've helped thousands of homes become more energy efficient.

Do you work with other alumni?  What's it like working with Oliners in the real world?

Yes.  Oliners tend to have their act together, learn quickly, and be good at organizing teams and debugging things. They don't always initially have the hard technical skills that are expected but they pick them up quickly.

Jason enjoys the outdoors near Seattle, on top of Mount Saint Helens.


Do you have time for fun? What do you like to do?

Yes! Lately I've been doing a lot of mountain climbing here in the Cascades  - mountaineering, rock climbing, etc. Seattle is surrounded by a fantastic outdoor playground, making it easy to spend weekends or evenings in the great outdoors doing your activity of choice.

Advice for current students?

Enjoy Olin; do some cool projects; try and identify what it is you want to be hired for and practice up on those hard skills before interviewing.


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