What is this Olin JobFinder thing?

PGP recently re-named NACElink to the Olin JobFinder in an attempt to remove the mystery surrounding this awesome tool.   Part of this endeavour is to centralize all of PGP's business (events, career fairs, job postings, notifications, etc.) to the OJF.  Soon it will be your source for everything career-related.  


These are just a few of the things you can do on the Olin JobFinder to help in your job search:

  • ** First and foremost:  Upload your resume and be sure to mark it as your default resume.  Needs to be in the system by September 16th to make the resume book!  After that, make sure you update it once or twice a year - your skills and experiences are constantly changing and your resume should reflect the current you.  If you really need some help, PGP is always willing to review it with you - contact Sally or Suzanne.  


  • Update your profile so that potential employers know who you are.  You can add things like your GPA (email Linda.Canavan@olin.edu for this), preferred field of work, and location.


  • Look at Job Postings.  If you go to the "jobs" drop down menu, there are two options: "CSM Jobs," which are jobs directed specifically at Olin students and alums; and "NACElink Extended Job Search" which takes you out of the Olin-specific jobs, and to a place where employers may not have heard of Olin, but which are far greater in number and geographical diversity.


  • Research potential employers.  Under the "Employers" tab, you can find, store, and research your favorite employers and contacts.  Take all those business cards you've been collecting and store the info in here.


  • View sample portfolios.  Need a portfolio and have no clue how to go about it?  There are sample portfolios in JobFinder that you can look at.  Just go to your OJF account, click on "documents" and then "document library." Have one that your're proud of and don't mind sharing as a sample for others?  Email it to Suzanne, so she can add it to this sample group and help other Olin students out!


  • This is awesome!  Get email alerts of specific jobs or companies you're interested in. If you go into your OJF account and go to "Jobs" then "Advanced Search" and check the "save as" box and put in a title for your search, it will be saved as a "search agent" and you can set a "schedule" for it to auto search and it will email you if there are new opportunities - and only the ones you're interested in.


So now you know!  Go out and do it!  Put your summer job on your resume!  Check out opportunities for next summer, and stop by PGP to say hi and let them know your plans!

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