Summer Research at Olin

Luis Zuniga '21


Olin has a diverse curriculum that strives to prepare students for the real world, but little compares to the experience gained through research. Skills such as interpersonal communication and technical writing are strengthened and become an asset to the students during the rest of their academic career and beyond.

              This summer, research projects range from creating easy-to-make and sustainable body armor to co-designing orientation and mobility assistive technology for the blind or visually impaired. Students are continuing projects from past semesters, for instance, exploring biomedical 3D printing, as well as starting new endeavors, such as developing a more user-accessible wheelchair.

              Student researchers meet once a week to share breakthroughs and discuss difficulties encountered during the course of their work. Below are a few highlights from the workshops.


Jamie ‘19, working with Professor Jeff Dusek on Powered Mobility, discusses the current project successes and roadblocks.

 Powered Mobility is inspired by the Toyota Unlimited Mobility Challenge.


Max ‘21 and Ricky ‘21, both working with Alex Morrow on Olin Blind Sailing, share their thoughts on the techniques and processes used in their project.

 The Olin Blind Sailing team’s technology is being tested at Community Boating, Inc. and supported by local donors.


Meagan ‘20, working with Alisha Sarang-Sieminski on Impact @ Olin, explains how they capture data from their helmet prototype.

Impact @ Olin is working with Impact Boston, an organization that offers self-defense classes and workshops to individuals.


Hadleigh ‘21, also working with Alisha Sarang-Sieminski on Impact @ Olin, explaining how they determined the average force of a punch and how best to simulate it.


Professor Alex Morrow and Professor Alisha Sarang-Sieminski participate in large group discussion on the status of the summer research teams.


Serna ‘21, working with Alisha Sarang-Sieminski on Impact @ Olin, shows off an early helmet prototype. 


Anika ‘20, working with Professor Jeff Dusek on Powered Mobility, participates in large group discussion by introducing herself and sharing where her group is on their research. 


 Sabrina ‘20, working with Professor Jeff Dusek on Project SA, shares the problem statement, or statement of intent, for the project.

 Project SA (Storage and Accessibility) is sponsored by Toyota.


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