Summer Fun at IBM, By Philip Seger '17

Last summer, I worked with a team of five engineers helping to install, configure, and test IBM Case Manager down in Costa Mesa, California. IBM Case Manager is an enterprise grade workflow and case management system marketed towards large companies.

02IBM.jpgPhilip (3rd from right) with his fellow IBM interns, including fellow Oliner Ian Hill '17 immediately to his right

Our team's summer started out as a QA/Software Engineering internship. However, we were a mainly self-guided team and were able to branch out and start side projects with our extra time. What this ultimately led to was a rewarding internship where I not only learned about the necessity of testing and quality assurance, but also had the opportunity to program in different settings and learn from my teammates.


IBM's Costa Mesa campus, consisting of the engineering (pictured) and marketing buildings.

Not to mention being in a prime location!   The Costa Mesa IBM office used to be part of FileNet, which was acquired back in 2006. This allowed us to be part of the IBM corporate culture and learn how a large company worked, while still dealing with a small team. This meant that our work was focused and we knew exactly who to talk to if we ran into issues. As this was my first internship, I learned how to work well in a small team, while still being part of a large company.  And in such a way that I was never overwhelmed.

Overall, this summer was excellent. I was thrown into a real world industry job which required lots of work and deliverables. I was introduced to non-Olin students through the other interns and learned about different education practices. I had managers who helped me learn a broad set of new skills, while also pushing for high work quality in everything I produced. As far as first internships go, I had a great time and really enjoyed working at IBM  - Costa Mesa! 


Just last week, President Rick Miller hosted a couple of high-level guests from the IBM-Watson team from New York, and after a successful visit to Olin, they have said they'd love to have more Olin interns join their group next summer!                  Sally, PGP

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