Seniors! Welcome Back from PGP

Sally Phelps


We hope you all had a terrific summer, productive yet restful! 


Aarti, Suzanne and I look forward to working with you this school year to help you realize your post-Olin plans, whatever they may be! 


Please fill out this brief survey by Friday, Sept. 6th so that we might have a sense of what you are thinking/looking for, and how we might support you. 


A few things to keep in mind:


-  Have you already accepted a full time offer?  Congrats!  Please let Sally know. 


-  If you are not sure if you want to do grad school or employment after you graduate, our (very general) advice is to focus on grad school applications this fall, and your job search in the spring.  Hopefully in March or April you will have good options before you so that you can make the best decision.  Feel free to see Aarti (grad school) or Sally (jobs) if you’d like to discuss this further!


-  If you are definitely applying to grad school, set up an appointment with Aarti in Handshake soon.  If you are applying to a PhD program, you should also be thinking about putting in a strong application for the NSF – Aarti can help with that too.  And watch for information about her grad school co-curricular and alumni chats this fall. 


-  You may be returning to school with a full time job offer in hand.  If this is the case, congratulations!  If you’d like to take it, schedule time with Sally on Handshake and she will help you negotiate.  If you’d like to keep looking, we want to remind you that Olin has an employer guideline (attached) where we respectfully ask employers to give us all (FT and intern) until Nov. 15 to make any decisions.  Not all companies will honor this request, but most of them do.  Feel free to forward this to an employer in case you want to buy some time. 


-  Are you interested in some kind of socially responsible engineering role?  Let us know!  We can help you find the right opportunity to make a difference in the world.  :)


-  If you are pretty sure you want to get a job after graduation:

  • Get that resume updated and submit it to Handshake.  Feel free to send it to Sally first for feedback. 
  • Be sure your LinkedIn is ready too – remember LinkedIn is the new resume!
  • If appropriate get working on your portfolio – PGP has tools to help with that as well.
  • Many employers are already interviewing!  Check Handshake for recently posted jobs with Autonodyne (many locations), Barclays, Hubspot, Cognex and TE Connectivity Rotational Programs,  Auris (hiring A LOT!), Procter and Gamble, and Arup.  


Companies like this are moving FAST:


IBM Offering Management Program – Move on this quickly – many jobs, many locations!  Alumna Erika Weiler Erika Weiler is with their Offering Management Program (very similar to program management) and loves it.  She said apply here and feel free to contact her for more info or to help put forth the best application.  I would also follow up with the recruiter Jenn Massie (, after you have applied, put “Olin Senior Interested” in the subject line. 


Here is one listing specific to the OM Program:


GE Edison Program – GE has divisions in Aviation, Healthcare, Renewables, Power and Transportation.  They often bring new grads into this competitive and prestigious Edison Program.  Here too you will want to move quickly since they are interviewing now.  More info here.   Follow up with Meg Lidrbauch ‘16 (GE Renewable Energy) by email after you have applied, she can help you get to the next step.   Or speak to alumnae March Saper or Emma Price from GE Healthcare when they are on campus Mon, September 23 – they can also help you get to the next step.   


PGP hopes to see you soon! 


Sally, Suzanne and Aarti

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