Parent Challenges Others to Hire Olin Interns


CATZ Sports Training app, courtesy of Riley Chapman!

My company wanted to develop an on-line training program that creates daily workouts for adolescent athletes based on their own personal developmental needs.  Based on the Canadian Long-Term Athletic Development approach, we envisaged our CATZ sports performance program as a series of age-appropriate exercises that work on conditioning, agility, mobility, power, and speed.

Two summers ago we hired Riley Chapman ’17 as a summer intern to turn our ideas for the program into reality.  Over an 11-week period, Riley completed and delivered a training program that we have used ever since.  Not only was Riley quickly able to understand what we wanted, but he was able to independently figure out what software tools to use and how to create a look and feel that was consistent with our pre-existing CATZ website. 

Neither I nor my partner have a technology background, and Riley was terrific at explaining his approach in layman’s terms so that we could better understand what he was doing.  His ability to understand our needs and then to translate them into a highly professional computer program was remarkable.  It is obvious to me that Olin’s educational approach has given Riley the right skills and attitude to hit the ground running on a project, and to complete it successfully with little technical guidance from his employer.  We are extremely pleased with the results.

I encourage anyone to consider hiring an Olin student for an internship or a permanent job.  Olin prepares its students to be independent thinkers who have the capability to ask the right questions, understand the problem, develop solutions, and then turn them into reality.  I was particularly impressed with Riley’s work ethic and his desire to put in the full effort required to  complete the task.  He made our problem his own, which seems to be the Olin way.  In fact, don’t just hire an Olin student yourself, but tell your friends that they too can have access to this talented group of capable young engineers.

Michael Sapers
CATZ Sports Training

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