Olin Lands in Belgium...Again! - By Filippos Lymperopoulos '17

Hello there! I am Filippos Lymperopoulos, a rising sophmore at Olin. This summer I did an internship in Belgium, at IMEC, as part of the CORE MobiOne Vehicle team.


MobiOne is a sustainable vehicle, a bridge between a car and a bicycle. My main task was the design and simulation of the electrical system of the vehicle, while focusing on its Supercap bank system. The research and design of an Active Balancing Control System for the ultracapacitor bank was extremely intriguing. In addition, together with another intern from the UK, Chris Davies, I worked on the integration of the hydraulic system with the electrical system. 




Although for most part of the past three months I worked as an electrical engineer, I found myself diverging from my research in the electrical system of the vehicle, and engaging into programming, working on the re-design and development of the company's PHP web app. I found it extremely cool that I was given the opportunity to explore different areas, and take responsibility over them. The combination of hardware and software engineering in this year's internship was extremely interesting.



Interning in Belgium was also a great opportunity for me to explore Europe. I got to visit a couple of places in the Netherlands, spend a weekend in Paris as well as, go back-packing around Belgium, visiting apart from Leuven, a few other beautiful places such as Brussels, Brugge (the "Venice of the North"), etc. Aside from just being an amazing engineering experience, I also had a blast enjoying the FIFA World Cup in Belgium. Programming, while cheering for the Dutch team, together with the locals was a unique experience! 




Through this year's internship I gained a lot of experience both on hardware and software engineering problems and I am super excited to go back to Olin in almost a month and work on similar projects to apply my new skills.


Olin, we rock.



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