Oh No! It's nearly February 1st and I Don't Have an Internship (or Job)!

By Suzanne Alcott


Okay, before you panic, take a deep breath and just relax, everything is going to be ok, PGP is here for you with a few simple tips to get you back on the right track!

Your resume should be in pretty good shape from last semester's career fair deadline but you may want to add any new projects or experiences you gained last semester. Once that is done, upload the new version into the Olin JobFinder (OJF) and mark it as your default resume. If you are making changes, be sure to add the new resume to OJF no later than 8 am on Monday, February 3rdso that your latest and greatest will be included in the Spring Career Fair Resume Book. Remember that the Resume Book goes to every company that attends the career fair, and we often have additional companies that call and want the book after the event.  

OK, so you get a lot of emails.  If you still need a job or internship, be sure to read this important one -  the PGP newsletter that comes out every Friday. It is packed with hot jobs and internships, scholarships/fellowships, upcoming events, and research experiences.   Be sure to check it out or you may just miss a great opportunity!

Career Fair
Career fair companies are your BEST SHOT at a job or internship offer.  There are 30 companies coming on Wed, Feb 12th that know us and love us - and they want to meet YOU.   So clean up your best interview outfit, print out your resumes (nice paper available in PGP - while it lasts) and practice your elevator pitch with friends. Be sure to check out the complete list of attendees and apply online for their available jobs before the fair! That way you will be one step ahead when you talk to the reps at the fair.

Meet the Startups
Spring Career Fair - Take 2!  Even more companies coming to campus a week later on Wed, Feb 19th!   Run by our Foundry students,  this event is tailored to the smaller companies that are also looking for help via full time jobs or internships.  Contact Madison.may@students.olin.edu or Slater.victoroff@students.olin.edu for more information about this Startup fair. 

And, if the fair wasn't exciting enough, we also have lots of organizations coming to campus to host info sessions:

  • Monday, February 3rd
    • Tufts Soft Material Robotics Presentation, 12:30 pm, AC 113
  • Tuesday, February 4th
    • NASA Info Session, 12:30 pm, CC 209
    • Amazon Info Session, 6:15 pm, AC 126
  • Wednesday, February 5th
    • Euro-Pro Info Session, 5:30 pm, AC 126
    • Yelp Tech Talk, 6:30 pm, AC 113
  • Thursday, February 6th
    • Google Tech Talk, 9:00 pm, AC 126
  • Monday, February 10th
    • Tesla Info Session, 12:30 pm, AC 126
  • Wednesday, February 12th
    • GG & A Info Session, 6:15 pm, AC 113 (This is Tom Krimmel's new company and they want to hire 1-2 Oliners as summer interns in their Chicago office)

Other Resources
Even with all that PGP has scheduled, you may still not find exactly what you are looking for, but, don't despair, we have other sources to help you find the perfect job or internship. Companies are posting every day in the Olin JobFinder so be sure to check it often. We also provide students with a service called engIN which offers even more internship opportunities. engIN is a combined effort by Olin, Tufts, Swarthmore, Smith, Dartmouth, Union, Lafayette and Bucknell to post more internships for our students. It's easy to get to, just look for the "jump to" link on the menu bar of your Olin JobFinder account.


Soon you'll be getting interviews.  When that time comes, feel free to contact Sally or Suzanne and do a practice interview before the important one.  You'll be glad you did!

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