My Work Matters, By Leslie Gerhat '10

I wake up every weekday morning knowing that today, in
some small way, I'm going to help fix healthcare in the US.


Yes, that IS as awesome as it sounds.


I'm Leslie Gerhat (Olin '10, E:C), a senior Product
Innovation associate at athenahealth, based in Watertown, MA. athenahealth (athena for short) provides
a wide variety of software, services, and knowledge to medical practices,
collectively known as athenaNet.


This enables the medical practices to:



Get paid more and faster from their medical
claims, with less work on their part


Document patient visits more efficiently


Leverage the knowledge that athena has about all
of our clients for their own practices


Communicate with patients through automated calls
and an online patient portal


Coordinate with referring doctors to provide
better patient care


Gain better insight into their practice's


And this is only some of what we do! But, if you want
more information about athena as a whole, visit our blog,
What I've come here to tell you about is my job, as well as the jobs of the
other Olin athenistas (our term for athenahealth employees).


Like I mentioned above, I'm part of the Product
Innovation team at athenahealth. Product Innovation is the part of R&D that
drives and owns all aspects of a project, from the very beginning when it's
just a figment of someone's imagination to the moment that we roll that project
out to our clients and sometimes beyond. We use skills in product management, project
management, business analysis, requirements gathering, and solution design to
make our software and services the best they can be, from the smallest bug fix
to the launch of a new product. We work on teams with other product innovators,
software developers and user experience team members who are incredibly smart
and driven to create high-quality solutions for our medical practices.


My Olin education set me up really well for success at
athena, because we focus on not just traditional engineering skills, but the
business and user-centered sides of engineering as well.   There's a spot here for any mission-driven
person who loves to tackle hard problems.  
There are currently TEN Olin grads who call themselves athenistas, and
they hold a wide variety of positions here:



John '11 and Megan '11 are Product Innovators
like me (Tiana '08 was also a Product Innovator and one of the first Olin
athenistas before she left for business school last fall)


Luis '11 and Nina '10 are part of the User
Experience team


Andrew '12 and Ben '10 are Software Developers


Matt C. '09 works on Release Engineering


Matt R. '10 is part of the Core Analytics team


Katie '08 works on the Posting Operations team



Some of the Olin athenistas in a new kitchen
& rec area in the athena R&D space. From left to right: Leslie, Nina,
Luis, Megan, John, Matt R. Andrew, Ben

In addition to working really hard, we have a lot of fun
at athena. The Olin group gets together for lunch at least as often as we bring
on new Olin athenistas. We're not very far from the city, so it's easy to live
in Cambridge and take a shuttle from Harvard Square to athena's headquarters. There's
a (wonderfully!) discounted membership offered (for athena employees) at an
on-site Boston Sports Club. There's a ski club and a running club. There are
board game nights before every monthly release day. We just opened a huge new
R&D area with lots of open space and small huddle rooms, ample
kitchen/social space, lockers, showers, a pool table, and a diversely stocked
beverage refrigerator.


I love my job. I get the opportunity every day to use the
skills I developed at Olin to make healthcare work the way it should, and I
have a ton of fun while I'm at it! If you think you might like to join in our
mission AND our fun, check out the following websites:


Product Innovation opportunities:

Software Development opportunities:

All other career opportunities:

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