Maia Rocks! Jewelry For Rent.

By Sally Phelps, Director of PGP


As a person who loves interesting jewelry, I was very excited to learn that Olin alumni were involved in a Bay Area startup called RocksBox.  This intriguing business idea is that for a low monthly rate, you describe your taste in jewelry via an online survey, and RocksBox will send you a beautifully wrapped box with three tasteful and well-crafted pieces of jewelry. Similar to other monthly subscription services, RocksBox members can exchange their set as often or as seldom as they like and can even purchase a piece that they fall in love with. What could be more fun!?

RocksBox CTO and Founder is Maia Bittner, '11, who was joined last month by '13 alumna Tara Vaziri.  Tara is helping out on the Fashion and Business Operations side of this growing business.  Check out a recent post written by Hackbright Academy about Maia and her sparkling new business!


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