Landing that Internship

Anargyros Kriezis '22

The Introduction and Resume Workshop


Hello, my name is Argyris and I am a first year student here at Olin. I grew up in Athens Greece and came to the US to study at Olin. It has been an interesting and very busy time since I came here at the end of August!  In this series of blogs, I’m going to write about the activities and workshops that all First Years participate in as they prepare to enter the business world. Here at Olin, this journey starts from the time you step in the school as a First Year. My personal journey has been exciting - after a month and a half at Olin, I received an offer for an internship next summer!


When I first came here in August, I had no resume and literally no clue what a cover letter or elevator pitch was. Everything started at the orientation when the PGP trio - Sally, Aarti and Suzanne - introduced us not only to those terms but also to the whole preparation process that would follow in the next month. These activities included everything from upperclassmen panels, resume workshops, personal meetings with PGP, practice career fairs and mock interviews.


In case you don’t know what PGP stands for – it’s Post - Graduate Planning - and they are the right people to ask if you need help with anything related to internships, post-graduate jobs, and grad school planning - all the way from application to interview to decision-making.


Honestly, I was wondering whether all these presentations and activities would be useful or whether they would be the “standard” tips that are not always helpful. I was surprised when I saw that these activities were a bit different.


In our first panel at our OFYI (Olin First Year Introduction) session, we had upperclassmen talking to all First Years about their experiences last summer we were in, they too were First Years just a year or two ago!  Personally, I used most of their advice, and also did a lot of thinking about what I want to do next summer.  Before that, I didn’t know if I wanted to do research, get some work experience or just go on vacation.


Our preparation continued with the resume workshop. Yes! We actually had a session where we were told how to write a resume.  PGP also helped us select the right activities and skills to include.  I had never written a resume before, and managed to put together a pretty strong one after the workshop and a couple meetings with Suzanne. It’s easy to book a time to have your resume reviewed, or you can just walk by the office and see if Suzanne is free. This is the benefit of being in a school with 86 students in each class, you can just walk by the PGP office and meet with Suzanne, Sally or Aarti.  They are experts in resumes, cover letters, elevator pitches, interviews and even the correct dress code for an interview or career fair.

Resumes are reviewed each time we submit a new one to HandShake (our job search system).   If they are not good enough, they will give you feedback.  PGP works hard to make sure you have a well-written resume that highlights the things that companies are looking for.


Stay tuned to learn what Olin’s mock career fair is, how we get prepared for internships and more importantly, why upperclassmen are great people to talk to since they were just in our shoes a year or two ago!

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