Introducing our newest PGP Blogger, Alex Niswander

I just accepted the coolest summer job! I am going to be
doing a Natural Building internship at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Rutledge,
MO. Myself and five other interns (including Jacob West '11) will be finishing
construction on a timber-frame strawbale home, preparing it for habitation. It
should be lots of fun.

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is a sustainable community located
in the northeast corner of Missouri. I found out about this internship on (great place to look for such things) and I was super excited
about it as soon as I read the lengthy description. Per the job description, I
will get a chance to "learn about natural building, experience ecovillage life,
help build a sustainable community, and find out if Dancing Rabbit is the place
I would like to eventually live myself".

The village has nearly 30 natural buildings in various
states of construction, many of which are built with different natural
techniques. I will be living in a tent eating largely local, vegan food. I am
beyond excited to begin what should be a great summer.

Look out for an update sometime this summer when
I am in the thick of things.


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