Halloween at Rockwell Automation

Hi! I'm Molly, and I'm a
junior at Olin taking a leave of absence to work at Rockwell Automation near 
Milwaukee, WI. I've been
working here for 5 months now, and I have just one month left before I take a
long winter break with
my family in California. Today was a typical Monday at work- except with an
added touch 
of Halloween!


"Ready for the high
voltage lab, and still in costume."

My business group within
Rockwell Automation is called Kinetix Motion Control, or PumpKinetix for today.  
Although Rockwell
Automation is a large company that employs about 20,000 people worldwide,
Kinetix is a 
smaller group of 100
people in my workplace, which makes for a small-business feel. Fifteen of those
dressed up for Halloween
at work, and Kinetix was the only business group in my workplace that did! 
I started my day off by
entering a pumpkin I carved into the PumpKinetix competition and posing for a
photo with coworkers in costume, but otherwise my day has been a pretty
typical Monday. I took off part of my 
cow costume in order to
don my lab coat and safety goggles, since I do most of my work in a high
voltage lab. I 
was happy that my
coworkers could still take my engineering work seriously with a cow head, and I
got a lot of 
work done debugging a
LabVIEW program that communicates over ethernet to an AC motor drive for
testing of a product in

Later, I came into a
meeting a couple minutes late because I had been working hard in the lab, and
my manager 
stopped talking as I
walked in. He exclaimed, "You can't just sneak in with a cow
costume!" and everyone 
laughed. The meeting
consisted of a presentation of a coworker working on another product in
describing the signal
processing algorithm implementation and asking for feedback. The meetings I
have at work 
are never boring to me-
I'm always learning something new!


After a refreshing
midday yoga class onsite and a quick lunch with a coworker (cows eat vegan, you
know), I 
proceeded to work the
rest of the day still wearing the top half of my cow costume and helping spread
holiday cheer. Happy Halloween!


"Rockwell Automation
employees in costume! Photo courtesy of my boss."

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