A Fresh Face

applied for a few jobs this summer, tracked down some old connections,
schmoozed at career fairs, even dropped in on NACElink twice, trying to find
the right fit.  I had the same problems as
a lot of my friends, when it came to finding the right job, I don't do software
design and I'm not an upperclassman.  I
let my applications stew for a while, making their rounds of HR departments all
over New England, and all the while I couldn't help thinking that I was missing
something.  There was some part of the
networking process I was completely lacking, and I had no idea what it was.
When the all-students email from PGP popped into my inbox, inspiration

anyone knew how to get the perfect job it was these fine ladies, so taking a
job with them would not only allow me to be on campus all summer with my
friends, but also give me the skills needed to land my dream job in the
future!  I knew my chances of working for
Bluefin, Hydroid, or even Bath Ironworks were slim, but that no longer troubled
me.  I had found something that would be
even better than jumping right into the industry.  I needed a time to learn how to work in the
"real world".  I knew that this job at
Post Graduate Planning was what I needed for my freshman summer. 

Here I
am, a month and a half later, at my first day of work.  I've already sunk elbow deep into a pile of
work, and am happily chugging along.  A
week ago, I thought that I would be spending countless hours typing "Microsoft,
Microsoft, Google, Microsoft..." into excel sheets, but what I've seen so far
isn't nearly that tedious.  Though my
title is "intern" there is a huge difference in the level of trust here versus
places I have previously worked.  Instead
of being told to photocopy some anonymous document for three hours or check MATLAB
code until my eyes fall out, I am given meaningful projects to work on.  People will see and be thankful for my work,
which is more than can be said of most internships.

Suzanne and Laura are working their butts off to give this college and its
students the best future they can imagine. 
Just this morning, I sat in on a meeting and was astounded by how much
they have achieved.  I would never have
thought that just three people in a corner of the third floor of the Campus
Center would be able to put so many students in advanced jobs at top companies,
prestigious graduate programs, and win more scholarships than you can shake a stick
at.  The main goal of the PGP office this
upcoming year is to automate many of their systems, finding ways to keep their
databases complete without a person like me going through excel sheets and
emails picking out information.  As the
number of alums increases it will become exponentially more difficult to keep
track of where they all are at any given time. 
Hopefully with strategic use of NACElink, the jobs of everyone in PGP
will be easier.

working on updating the Post Graduate Activities Report, a brochure that PGP
gives to anyone who is curious as to the destinations of Olin graduates.  There are the standard companies (Microsoft, 17
alumni), but some surprises as well (École
Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland).  I've already discovered new fields like
Plasma Engineering that I wasn't aware were even options yesterday.  There are alums at most of the companies that
I would die to work for, which makes it that much easier to get a job

Clocking out after my first eight hours with PGP
leaves me with mixed feelings.  I'm
wondering if my body is going to like sitting in the same chair for eight hours
every day, but I'm excited about all the new skills and information I'm
gathering.  Between the location, the
company, and the education, this really was the best choice for my job this


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