Filippos Lymperopoulos ‘17: Life at Tableau Software

Alex Wenstrup ‘22

This year, the Post-Graduate Planning office launched its Premier Recruitment Partners Program.  Many thanks to one of our strongest employers, Tableau Software, for being one of the first to join us.  And thanks to Filippos for telling our summer blogger Alex why Tableau is such a great place to work.  


Hey y’all!

Today, I’m writing about an Olin alum I had the pleasure of interviewing, Filippos Lymperopoulos ‘17.  While at Olin, he studied Electrical and Computer Engineering, and now, he’s a Project Manager at Tableau, a data visualization company (I’ve used their software in the past, it’s great)!

Here are some snippets from the interview!



What does Tableau do?

 “Tableau is a data analytics company, and our mission is to help people see and understand their data. We do that by providing a platform of services and products, with the intent of allowing every person and organization, whether they’re working in human resources, IT, engineering, etc, to format and prep their data any way they want.  And then to use simple interfaces, whether through natural language or drag and drop, to answer questions. Tableau, really, is trying to enable every person to make the best decisions. 

Our mission is making sure everybody can see and understand their data.”


What do you do at Tableau?

Filippos is a Product Manager on the analytics team at Tableau. In that role, Filippos is constantly considering these questions: 

“Tableau’s core facet is visual analytics, right? How can I understand my data by filtering it, how can I ask questions of our data?   Our team is focused on analytics, and in particular, in enabling interactive computational analysis.” 

In this role, Filippos travels a lot, both domestically and abroad. “I went to Korea this summer, and before that I was at a conference with a colleague of mine at Tableau called Eyeo -  in Minneapolis.  It was an insanely creative conference - it was actually a festival around data, art, CS, and design.” 

“As a PM in any tech company, you get the chance to partner closely with your engineers, the design organization, the sales reps across the globe, customers, etc. So it’s a multifaceted role, but we’re all working on improving that core part of Tableau, the analytics.”


What about the culture at Tableau is attractive to you?

 “Tableau is an awesome, awesome company, and that’s primarily because of its people and its culture. There are a lot of pillars along which we align, so we all use our products - everybody in the company has a Tableau license. As teammates, we are open and transparent. The culture is extremely flexible, and the people are creative and experts in their own areas. We have folks who have spent years in cartography working with maps, we have PhDs in Bio, etc. The culture is a lot of fun people working together.” 

 Filippos added that at Tableau,  there is no need to jump through hoops.  Everyone at the company is accesibile, all the way up to the CTO and CEO. 


What do you do for fun?

 Filippos likes to explore the mountains near Seattle. Depending on the season, he is either hiking or skiing on the mountains in and around Seattle, or traveling to Whistler in Canada, the Rockies in Colorado, or some other nearby mountain. 


Advice for current students?

 “Don’t be too fixated on your major. No matter what you study on paper, Olin will become a part of who you are.   Use these years to be, in a sense, entrepreneurial, and to take risks. Feel free to play with an idea that you come up with, and create a hack over a weekend. When I was a sophomore, we built an app to replace all surveys. . . . the entire campus was using the app at some point.

 You’ll never be in an environment like Olin again. Of course, companies will be innovative and inspiring in their own ways, but Olin is this collection of minds that grow together and that can make great stuff happen.”

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