Congratulations Class of ’17!

By Sally J. Phelps, Director of Post-Graduate Planning

Sunday was a rainy but proud day for our community, as 83 members of our 12th Class walked across the stage and received their diplomas.  Enjoy some highlights of the day and read about the plans of our grads.  


Congratulations to the Class of ’17!


Points of Distinction and Awards:

  • 83 students received diplomas at commencement on Sunday, May 14th.  This was the 12th class to graduate from Olin, bringing our total number of alumni to 903.  


  • One senior won the Fulbright Scholarship and will teach English in Colombia.  A second senior was a Fulbright alternate to the UK. 


  • One senior won the DAAD Scholarship, and will attend graduate school in Germany. 


  • One senior received an Honorable Mention for the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships (NSF).


  • One senior was an alternate for the Critical Language Scholarship to Japan. 


  • Eight of this year’s graduates have been named Grand Challenge Scholars by the National Academy of Engineers.  This combined curricular and extra-curricular program prepares students to be the generation that solves the grand challenges facing society in this century.  


  • 100% of these graduating seniors have done at least one technical internship or research assignment in their time at Olin; 73% did two or more. 




  • Three graduates will be working on their own businesses. 


  • Three graduates will participate in rotational/leadership programs at GE Renewable Energy, General Motors,  and Constant Contact. 


  • While some will work for companies with well-known and familiar names, many are going to employers that are new to Olin (noted with *):


  • Google (4)
  • Amazon Robotics (4)
  • IBM (2)
  • Microsoft (2)
  • Pivotal Labs (2)
  • athenahealth (2)
  • Lever (2)
  • Tableau Software (2)
  • Adobe
  • Alert Innovation*
  • Americorps
  • Apple
  • Bloomberg*
  • Clara Technologies*
  • CloudHealth*
  • Constant Contact
  • Dell*
  • Epic
  • GE Renewable Energy*
  • General Motors
  • Hubspot
  • JPL
  • MarkForged
  • MIT BioLabs
  • MixMax*
  • Nissan*
  • Oscar*
  • Pillpack
  • Portal Instruments
  • Raytheon
  • Shell Tech Works*
  • Tesla
  • Uber ATC
  • Woodrow Wilson Academy*
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute


INTERNS:  Mitsubishi, Work-Shop, Modbot


Graduate School/Continued Learning   


11 members of the Class of ’17 will attend graduate school at the following institutions:

Boston University - PhD in BioMedical Engineering

Glasgow School of Art (Scotland) - Master of Arts in Design

Imperial College of London - MS in Analog and Digital Integrated Circuit Design

Johns Hopkins University - PhD in Neuroscience

Northwestern University - PhD in Computer Science

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - PhD in Science and Technology Studies

University of Washington - MS in Human Centered Design and Engineering

University of California - Davis - PhD in Horticulture and Agronomy

Vanderbilt University - PhD in Science and Technology Studies

Worcester Polytechnic Institute - PhD in Robotics

School in Germany – tbd - MS in either Computational Linguistics or Cognitive Systems (DAAD winner mentioned above)


* One additional graduate will continue his technical education at the Startup Institute in Boston. 


The Olin Community is extremely proud of the Class of 2017!

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