'12 Alum Travels the World with Boston Scientific - by Meghan Murray

Although I planned to travel for a bit after finishing college, I started working a mere three weeks after commencement. While it may seem that I missed an opportunity to take a break, I'm thrilled to be traveling full-time for work. I'm currently an equipment engineer in Galway, Ireland with plans to live and work at various international Boston Scientific sites.


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Recent grad Meghan Murray captures the evening sun on the River Corrib in Galway...

At Boston Scientific, I work on production equipment for cardiac stents and catheters. Essentially, I turn the machines on for the first time and solve the inevitable bugs that come with complicated custom equipment. For those who have taken Principles of Engineering (PoE) at Olin, my job is essentially the "integration" when everything in the system is finally put together. It can be stressful and frustrating to have multiple machines with obscure or complicated problems, but it's always incredibly gratifying to solve them.


I took this job because of personal rewards much greater than the satisfaction of solving technical challenges. I get to travel, explore new places, and have new experiences. Additionally, I have the opportunities to interact with individuals from a variety of countries and cultures. Most importantly, I took this position because I know at the end of my project, the equipment I worked on will be used to produce life-saving stents and catheters.


If this sort of post-graduate life is intriguing to you, I have some advice:

1.      Study Abroad: My study abroad experience was phenomenal in encouraging me to take risks and see the world. I know I never would have been offered this job had I not had the cultural experiences and classes not offered at Olin.

2.      Make Your Interests Known: This job stemmed out of an internship last summer, and my manager knew I liked to travel and loved Ireland. When there came a need for someone to go abroad, he knew I would be willing, and reached out to me.

3.      Be Persistent: I am here because of my previous internship and study abroad experience. Neither of those would have been possible if I didn't persevere against a lot of road blocks and send out a lot of emails and copies of my résumé.

4.      Talk with Alumni! This is advice for any Olin student in the job search process. Even as the new kid in the alumni world, it's clear to me that the alumni want to hear from Olin students and work with them. Contact me about what I do or ask PGP for connections in your field.

Thanks for your interest and thanks for PGP for inviting me to share my story. I can't thank them enough for their support throughout my four years at Olin and into my career. They're the greatest!

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