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Community Directory Password Assistance
  • To update or access your information  in the Olin Community Directory, which is on the left column navigation in the Olin Portal, log into the Portal using your Olin network username and password. Please visit or send IT a help desk ticket ( if you have any password problems.
  • Check out the Directory user guide for more information.
Facilities FAQs
  • Can alumni use the Foundry or other College resources for start-up companies? No. Unfortunately this jeopardizes the College’s tax-exempt status.
  • Are the machine shops (mini-shops or main shop) available for use by alumni? Not at this time. There are a number of concerns in this area including major liability and capacity management factors which would substantially increase as well as add costs currently not covered. At this time, we must offer such resources to our current students on a “first come first serve” basis.                                    
  • Are the Science Labs (biology, chemistry, material science) available for use by alumni?  Same answer as above.                                
  • Can we get prox cards that, at least, provide access to the Library/Milas Hall?   Same answer as above. Note that each card would cost at least $5, plus costs associated with managing the cards (on the front end as well as a prorated card charges on the back end of the software) as well as costs associated with the process of handling lost or misplaced cards (includes security implications)