Careers and Graduate Studies


Alumni prioritize cultivating connections for Oliners to to corporate contacts including job, research and internship opportunities for students and alumni. It also includes hosting students and alumni for internships, interviews or conferences in your area. Click below to learn more about how you can help make corporate connections in partnering with Olin's Post Graduate Planning (PGP) office.

Participating in career, start-up, and practice fairs are tangible ways to support the current Olin student body. Alumni have been active participants in recruiting, interviewing and involvement in Candidates Weekend interviews. The time-honored 'do something' element of the honor code continues beyond graduation.  

Banter Program

Banter is a mentorship and networking program that provides an opportunity to build a lasting professional relationship between a current Olin student and an alumnus, thus reconnecting with the college, giving back to the community and sharing the trademark Olin excitement. It is fun, a way to give back and a low time-commitment, high awesomeness program that sets up monthly chats (remotely or in person). Banter is a way to get to know Olin in a whole new light and finally find out:

  • what DEATHCLAW is,
  • what’s lurking in the new Large Project Building behind the AC,
  • what snazzy eyeglass frames Jon Stolk is sporting these days,
  • which House won the first-ever Olin Quidditch Cup,
  • and much more!

Be sure to revisit this page for updates and check out the Banter - Connecting Oliners, Past and Present FAQ page for more details. If you have questions, suggestions or comments, please email