E:Bio Concentration

Bioengineering at Olin is a flexible, student-designed concentration at the intersection of biology, engineering, and design. Students create an individual course plan, in consultation with bioengineering and other relevant faculty, that lays out their chosen bioengineering focus area and explains how their courses support that area of study. Course plans include bioengineering-relevant courses, advanced biology, advanced math, and other relevant electives. Requirements for the E:Bio concentration can be found in the course catalog. Courses relevant to E:Bio students are also available at affiliated schools, Wellesley and Brandeis. Additionally, students have the opportunity to complete a 2-semester design capstone in bioengineering.

Recent Course Offerings

  • ENGR 3699: Biomedical Device Design 

  • ENGR 3699A: Neurotechnology, Brains and Machines

  • ENGR 3610: Biomedical Materials

  • ENGR 3810: Structural Biomaterials

  • ENGR 4190: Senior Capstone Program in Engineering (SCOPE) 

            Recent projects

For currently offered courses, please consult the course catalog.

Sample Course Plans

(Note: These are examples; not all courses may be currently offered.)

Area of Focus:

Medical Devices


Computational Biology

BioE Core

Biomedical Device Design

Design for Manufacuturing

Integrated Product Design

Biomedical Device Design




Comp Architecture

Bioinformatics (Wellesley)

Advanced Math



Discrete Math

Advanced Bio


Anatomy & Physiology

Microbial Diversity


Mechanical Prototyping

Mechanics of Solids & Structures

Software Design