October 2016 PC Meeting |

Measuring Student Experiences for Success. Presentations by Professor Jon Stolk and Brandon Busteed, executive director at Gallup

We Are What We Measure
Brandon Busteed, Gallup [1:11:47]

Is Lifelong Learning Really Important?
Brandon Busteed, Gallup [4:27]

How Are We Measuring “Care" in Schools?
Brandon Busteed, Gallup [2:35]

Learner Mindsets and Educational Design
Jon Stolk, Olin College [31:40]

Promoting Internal Drive in the Classroom
Jon Stolk, Olin College [4:31]

“Grit” in Education
Jon Stolk, Olin College [5:53]



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The Importance of Mindset

A good education changes what you know, while a great education changes who you are.

This paper makes the case and provides a call to action to higher education that it now needs to embrace the responsibility for shaping the mindset of graduates in addition to providing knowledge and skills.


Featured Responses

Dear Rick, as always, an extremely thoughtful paper. I hope you don’t mind but I have shared it with David Greene who is in his third year as Colby’s President. He is just as smart, creative and entrepreneurial as you. You’d like each other.

  -- Bill Cotter

Dear Rick, I read your latest white paper with interest and agree on the importance of mindset. I would like to share an observation based on my years in industry: mindset is shaped by (and adapts to) the environment. I believe that a discussion of mindset is meaningful only in the context of the environment in which it has to operate…
-- Sunlin Chou

Rick, I just read your newest white paper. As usual, it is both informative and inspiring. Thanks for all you do to transform the way we think about education. With deep appreciation!
-- Tina Seelig