Do you want to talk about Study Away?


Deadline for studying away Spring 2018:

October 15

Deadline for studying away Fall 2018:

March 15

How to Apply

So you have decided you want to study away? Here are the steps you should take.

  1. Research what program you would like to attend
    Look online or visit the study away office to find out about the various programs that are available. Even if you know you want to enroll directly in an institution, it might help to look on the websites of some of the pre-approved programs to get a sense of the options.
  2. Discuss your plans with both your adviser and Nick Tatar in StAR
    It's never too early to start talking to your adviser about your plans for study away! Plan to start this conversation no later than September if you are planning to study away in the spring, and February of your sophomore year if you are planning to study away in the fall.  Talking with your adviser as early as your first year at Olin can help you determine what classes to take to prepare you for a study away semester. 
  3. Fill out the Olin application
    Please keep in mind that a study away application does not materialize overnight (even if you pull an all nighter!). You need to discuss your plans with various people, get signatures, and submit your applicaqtion to on or before the deadline. 
  4. Apply to the external program
    Please be sure to check the application deadline for the away program application and apply accordingly.   

The Olin Application

The Olin study away application consists of a listing of the courses you are planning to take; b) an essay; c) your degree  audit; and d) information about the institution you plan to attend (if not a direct exchange).  You should also fill out Transfer Credit Pre-Approval forms for each course you plan to take.  The CSTB will then review the pre-approval forms and send them to the appropriate faculty member for approval.  (For example, you might apply for Introduction to Japanese to be transferred back to Olin as an AHS course.)


Criteria for Full-Time Study Away

Your application will be approved if you can demonstrate satisfactorily that:

  • the academic institution to which you are applying has courses that meet Olin's rigorous academic standards and are at a level equal to those of Olin's pre-approved study away programs;
  • the proposed course of study meets the curricular needs of your overall Olin education; 
  • your academic record at Olin demonstrates that you are likely to succeed in this program and that you have the prerequisite courses and skills needed for the proposed course of study;
  • you will be enrolled full-time (the equavalient to 12 credits at Olin)
Additional Criteria for Study Away

Students must:

  • be in good academic standing as defined in the Student Handbook
  • be proficient in the language being used for instruction
  • be able to demonstrate appropriate depth of knowledge in the courses of the proposed program of study
  • have junior class standing (contact your adviser if you are unsure of your class standing)
  • not be on disciplinary probation or suspended from Olin


Full-time Study Away (which requires pre-approval) counts as one of the eight scholarship semesters. The student is maintained as full-time at Olin and is expected to pay Olin tuition after the merit scholarship and any additional costs associated with any such activity at the host institution including any tuition exceeding Olin's, room, board and fees if applicable.

Financial Aid

Students receiving  need-based aid and/or Federal loans are able to use this funding while studying away from Olin.  A Consortium Agreement is required to determine eligibility.   Please contact for questions regarding your financial aid.