Academic Calendars

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2017-18 Academic Calendar

*Updated September 30, 2016

July-August, 2017
  Summer reading
August 26(Sa)   Arrival Day for Class of 2021 (West Hall Opens at 9am)
August 26(Sa)-August 30(W)   Orientation: Academic Advising, Team Building, Leadership Skills
August 29(Tu)   Upperclass students begin arriving after 12:00 p.m.
August 31(Th)   First day of instruction, Fall Semester
September 4(M)   [Labor Day – no classes]
September 17(Th)   Constitution Day
September 22(F)-24(Su)   Alumni Weekend – Welcome Class of 2007 and 2012
September 27 (W)   Town Meeting
September 29 (F)   Olin Monday – Monday class schedule in effect
October 4(W)   Fall Career Fair
October 9(M)   [Columbus Day – no classes]
October 12(Th)   Olin Monday – Monday class schedule in effect
October 13(F)-15(Su)   Family Weekend
October 18(W)   33rd instructional day
October 29(Su)   Admission Open House
November 20(M)–24(F)   [Thanksgiving Recess – no classes]
December 8(F)    Last day of instruction, Fall Semester
December 11(M)   Study Day
December 12(Tu)-15(F)   Final Assessments
December 18(M)   Olin Exposition
December 19(Tu)   Residence Halls close at 5:00 p.m. for intersession
December 20(W)-January 20, 2018   [Intersession – no classes]
January 21(Su)   Residence Halls open at 12:00 p.m. 
January 23(Tu)   First day of instruction, Spring Semester
January 31 (W)   Olin Monday – Monday class schedule in effect
 February 7(W)    Town Meeting
February 14(W)   Spring Career Fair
February 19(M)   [Presidents’ Day – no classes]
February 20(Tu)   Olin Monday – Monday class schedule in effect
February 16(F)-17(Sa)   Candidate Weekend I for Class of ‘22
February 23(F)-24(Sa)   Candidate Weekend II for Class of ‘22
March 1(Th)   [no classes]
March 2(F)-3(Sa)   Candidate Weekend III for Class of ‘22
March 12(M)   33rd instructional day
March 19(M)-23(F)   [Spring Break – no classes]
April 16(M)   [Patriots Day – no classes]
May 3(Th)   Last day of instruction, Spring Semester
May 4(F)   Study Day
May 7(Tu)-10(F)   Final Assessments
May 14(M)   Olin Exposition – Underclass projects and presentations (required for non-seniors)
May 15(Tu)   SCOPE Summit
May 20(Su)   Commencement for Class of ‘18
May 21(M)   Residence Halls close at 5 p.m.

subject to change; 30Sept2016


Student Absence for Religious Observances

Massachusetts state law regarding student absence due to religious beliefs has been adopted by Olin College as follows: “Any student who is unable to attend classes or participate in any examination, study, or work requirement on a particular day because of his or her religious beliefs is excused from any such activity. The student will be given the opportunity to make up the work that was missed, provided that the makeup work does not create an unreasonable burden upon the College.  The College will not level fees or charges of any kind when allowing the student to make up missed work.  In addition, no adverse or prejudicial effects will result because students have made use of these provisions.”

 The reference,, (although not exhaustive) is commonly used to determine dates for specific religious observances each year.