Research at Olin

Olin professors infuse the school’s curriculum with research-driven thinking. Our faculty are prolific researchers who publish on an impressively wide range of subjects, from energy harvesting devices to astronomy-based studies involving supernova remnants. Here are a few examples: 

Debbie Chachra, PhD, associate professor of Materials Science, is passionate about her many research projects, such as working with Olin students to study biological materials, including the polymer nest cell linings of Colletes bees. She is also involved in research on the undergraduate engineering experience: Her primary project is an investigation of self-efficacy in first-year, project-based design courses, with an eye toward improving these experiences for students.

Jonathan M. Adler, PhD, assistant professor of Psychology, works to make psychological science relevant and exciting for students. His research revolves around the most productive ways in which people make sense of the difficult things that happen to them, and how these personal insights facilitate changes in identity. He is currently working on several research projects that focus on issues of identity development and mental health.

Brian Storey, professor of Mechanical Engineering, works with students at both Olin and Babson College on several NSF-funded projects. Undergraduate students play a central role in his research examining “flow networks,” which include the flow of blood; the flow of droplets through devices; the flow of magma through lava tubes; and water flow in solar steam generators. Through simulation and experiments, they aim to understand some of the basic processes in these flows and develop predictive models.

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