Frequently Asked Questions

How will the next president of Olin College be selected?

The Olin College Board of Trustees has charged a presidential Search Committee with designing and leading a search process, hiring an executive search firm, and ultimately recommending to the board a short list of exceptional finalist candidates for consideration. The board will then select Olin’s next president.

Who is on the Search Committee, and how was the membership determined?

The Search Committee is being chaired by Olin Trustee Beverly Wyse P’15, along with Professor Lynn Andrea Stein as Vice Chair. Members were identified through a nomination and selection process in late spring 2019. The 12 members of the committee are:

  • Lee Edwards ’07, Venture Partner, Root Ventures
  • Alyson Goodrow, Director of Marketing  
  • Sherwin Greenblatt, Olin College Board of Trustees
  • Anupama (Ana) Krishnan ’20
  • Caitrin Lynch, Professor of Anthropology
  • Jessica McCarthy, SCOPE Program Manager
  • Amon Millner, Assistant Professor of Computing and Innovation 
  • William B. Norden, Olin College Board of Trustees
  • Andrew (Niyi) Owolabi ’21
  • Lynn Andrea Stein, Vice-Chair, Presidential Search Committee, Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science
  • Alison Wood, Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering
  • Beverly Wyse P’15, Chair, Presidential Search Committee, Olin College Board of Trustees

The committee’s work is being supported by Kelly Sutherland, Manager of Trustee Affairs, and Lauren Taaffe, Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives. Search Committee bios can be found here.

What is the role of the search firm?

Olin has selected the executive search firm WittKieffer to support this important search. Our consultants are Lucy Leske and Phil Tang.

The search firm serves as a critical partner to the Search Committee and college during the presidential search. The search consultants, working closely with the Search Committee, help to facilitate a methodical process to generate a pool of highly competitive candidates. The firm helps to identify potential candidates; reaches out to potential candidates to determine interest; conducts research and due diligence on candidates; and supports presidential Search Committee members and staff in search planning and logistics. The firm also serves as an important resource to the Board of Trustees in ensuring a smooth transition to new leadership. 

How has the Olin community been able to provide input into the search process?

Members of the Search Committee and the search firm have met with dozens of Olin constituents to gather their input in a variety of venues, from large forums to one-on-one conversations, as well as a full-day retreat on May 20, 2019. In addition, the committee conducted an electronic survey to ensure that each member of the community had an opportunity to comment and share ideas. All this input informed the materials the committee and search firm will use to articulate the opportunity to prospective candidates.

What type of candidate is the Search Committee seeking?

With input from the full Olin community, the committee has produced a comprehensive leadership profile that reflects the community’s expectations of the next president and the qualities and characteristics that members of the community feel are most critical to the president’s success.

How are prospective candidates identified?

  1. Nominations. Anyone interested in nominating a potential candidate is encouraged to email at any time. Please include the nominee’s name, email address, and any pertinent information that you would like the search firm to know.
  2. Advertisements. Advertisements announcing the opportunity will be posted online and in print with the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Education, Women in Higher Education, Hispanic Outlook, Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, Asians in Higher Education,, and a number of other channels.
  3. Search firm outreach. The search consultants will be conducting both broad and targeted outreach over the course of the next few months to solicit nominations and to identify and recruit potential candidates.

Who besides the Search Committee will interview the candidates?

The committee has not yet shaped the final stages of the process. How that unfolds will depend in large part on what the committee determines is most appropriate to do to ensure the strongest possible pool while balancing candidates’ needs for confidentiality.

How long will the search take?

The search process is expected to take several months and conclude in early 2020. Olin’s next president will likely take office on or around the beginning of the 2020–2021 academic year.

How will the Olin community be informed about the progress of the search?

Beverly Wyse, chair of the Presidential Search Committee, will periodically update the Olin community by email. Updates from the Search Committee will also be posted on the Presidential Search website.