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Olin Community Summer Parties bring together all members of the Olin community (parents, alumni, incoming and current students) to share experiences, make connections, and continue to foster a network of Oliners.

These informal gatherings are hosted during the summer months by volunteer students, alumni, current or alumni parents. If you are interested in becoming a future host, please sign up as a volunteer here. Party dates and further details will be posted below, as well as to the Olin Calendar and the Family & Alumni Relations Facebook page

Below is a list of this year's 2018 Community Summer Parties. Reference the graphic below to see which party is closest to you.

Once you find your preferred location, be sure to click the party's link for more specific details about the event.

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Olin Summer Party Regions


Northcentral Summer Parties

Northeast Summer Parties

Northwest Summer Parties

Southeast Summer Parties

Southwest Summer Parties