Stephen P. Hannabury

Executive Vice President and Treasurer
Phone: 781-292-2401
Fax: 781-292-2420

Ellen Bailey

Assistant to the Executive Vice President and Campus Services Administrator
Phone: 781-292-2622
Fax: 781-292-2625

Marguerite Burke

Manager of Trustee Affairs and Assistant Clerk to the Board
Office of the Executive Vice President
Phone: 781-292-2405
Fax: 781-292-2420

James Drumheller

Dining Manager
Phone: 781-292-2361

Patricia Gallagher

Vice President for Financial Affairs and Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 718-292-2416
Fax: 781-292-2420

Richard Osterberg

Chief Information Officer
Phone: 781-292-2431

James Pollard

Director, Public Safety
Chief of Police
Phone: 781-239-4333
Fax: 781-239-4238

Sharon Woodward

Director of Human Resources
Phone: 781-292-2409
Fax: 781-292-2260

Russell Zacharias

Facilities Director
Phone: 781-292-2317
Fax: 781-292-2269