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Olin and Emerson Colleges Collaborate on Remaking Education Event

Olin and Emerson Colleges have joined forces to produce a groundbreaking one-day event—Remaking Education—designed to raise awareness of the need for change in education, and to inspire action among leaders in education, business, and the non-profit world. The daylong experience will take place at the Paramount Center at Emerson College on Friday, November 2, 2018 and will provide participants with an opportunity to collaboratively reflect on, design, and experiment with learning experiences that really work.

Remaking Education will feature a growing list of storytellers from a cross section of academia, industry and media including: Olin College President Richard K. Miller; Emerson College President Lee Pelton; Executive Director of Gallup’s Education and Workforce Development Area Brandon Busteed; Vertex Chairman, President and CEO Jeff Leiden; and Artist, Designer and Olin Researcher-in-Residence Sara Hendren. WBUR Reporters Jack Lepiarz and Maria Garcia will emcee the event.

Both Olin and Emerson Colleges recognize a need to change the way today’s students are educated. While different in their areas of expertise, both institutions are deeply committed to immersive, hands-on educational experiences as well as deep faculty-student connections. Olin brings a reputation as the top current and emerging engineering education college in the world. Emerson College is internationally recognized as the nation’s premier institution of higher learning devoted to communication and the arts.

“We know that creating value in this innovation era requires more than technical skills, it requires students who have a sense of agency and purpose or mindset,” says Olin College President Richard K. Miller. “You can’t get that from listening to a lecture and taking tests. You need real hands on experience and someone who cares about your development.” 

Emerson College President Lee Pelton said, "Our American colleges and universities have a long way to go before we realize our best work.  But first we must have the courage and vision to step outside the self-constructed barriers—faculty and administrators alike—and the narrow rooms of thought that impede real innovation and stand between us and real progress.”

More than 50 Olin and Emerson faculty and students will help facilitate the immersive sessions for participants, which are planned under three different themes: Deepen, Design and Dissent. Event goers will move between a storytelling session to tease out how to break down barriers across disciplines, institutions and businesses; a design session focused on how educational spaces do and do not support learning and how they can be remade; and a dissent experience focused on how to create transformative learning experiences. 

Remaking Education is a unique conference in that participants will be encouraged to share their own stories and experiences, as well as design new learning models on the spot. In keeping with both colleges’ traditions, the day-long event will be participatory from beginning to end.

The event is a co-production of Olin and Emerson Colleges. The Argosy Foundation has generously donated funding for the event. WBUR is a media sponsor. 

More details on Remaking Education, including how to sign up for the event can be found on its just-launched Website.