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Olin College of Engineering Sponsors Big Beacon Radio Series on Educational Transformation

In keeping with its mission to transform STEM education, Olin announces its sponsorship of a live internet talk show on Big Beacon Radio/Voice America called Transforming Higher Education. Hosted by David Goldberg, the series features leaders who are remaking education in the United States and around the Globe. In the past, Dave has interviewed such thought leaders as Harvard Business School’s John Kotter, Best-Selling Author Daniel Pink, Babson College Entrepreneurial Expert Saras Sarasvathy and Motivational Expert Edward Deci.

“Transforming Higher Education features some of the most thoughtful voices around education innovation and reform in the world today,” says Richard Miller, president of Olin College. “As a highly regarded academic, researcher and change agent from a large university, Dave is an insightful host and a great partner to Olin.”

Olin functions as a privately funded national learning lab for STEM education redesign. Olin’s two-part mission is to graduate engineer-innovatorswho envision and deliver the ideas, products, services and systems to positively transform the way people live and to share those findings with educators across the world to catalyze change. The 6-month sponsorship with Big Beacon Radio allows Olin to amplify its message and provide positive role models and case studies of change in the field.

“Change is coming to higher education like a freight train,” says Goldberg, “But transforming higher education is challenging, full of risks and opportunities for all involved. Olin is at the forefront of this change so I’m glad we are embarking on this journey together.”

In the past, several Olin leaders and faculty have been featured on Big Beacon Radio, including President Richard Miller, Provost Vin Manno and Professors Mark Somerville, Rob Martello, and Jon Stolk.