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Senior Capstone in Engineering (SCOPE) Kicks Off 2016-2017 Program

Olin College recently launched the 2016-2017 Senior Capstone in Engineering (SCOPE) program. More than a dozen corporate partners have signed on to sponsor SCOPE teams made up of Olin seniors: Aerodyne Research (partial funding provided by Autodesk Corporation), Amazon Robotics, Auris, Blue Origin, Boston Scientific, Dassault Systemes, Draper Labs, Fidelity Labs Inc., Mitsubishi Electric, Raytheon, Rockwell Automation and Santos Family Foundation.

In the SCOPE program, each student team spends a year working on a significant engineering problem facing the sponsor company. 

The projects this year are as varied as the companies themselves. The Boston Scientific team will be working on an endoscopic mucosal resection device, another group of students will be working on an autonomous tool changer for Draper Labs, the Fidelity Labs team will be investigating the future of blockchain technologies, and another team will be looking into wearable technology in industrial environments for Rockwell Automation.

This year, the Dassault team will be working on a SOLIDWORKS app for kids. It isn’t the first time Dassault has sponsored a SCOPE team; the multinational software company is a multi-year partner. While there are some familiar names on this year’s list, there are also some new companies joining SCOPE as sponsors including Auris, a surgical robotics startup located in San Carlos, California. And, Amazon Robotics is also a first time sponsor.

Aerodyne Research, also new to SCOPE, is partnering with Autodesk Corporation. Autodesk is providing funding and Aerodyne has presented the students with a unique challenge currently being referred to as Modul’air.

For Olin seniors, SCOPE is the culminating experience of their education.  In this full year course, students work in multi-disciplinary teams of 5 students, engaging in real-world engineering projects for their partnering corporate clients. The students are responsible for virtually all aspects of the project.

“The SCOPE program is one of the highlights of the Olin curriculum. After four years of project-focused learning, our students bring together all aspects of their Olin education to solve a real world engineering challenge. The projects span a range of disciplines and represent a wide variety of product development stages from basic research and market investigations through to manufacturing. In addition to putting their well-developed engineering skills to use, the seniors also develop critical professional skills including project management, budgeting, teaming and protection of intellectual property,” said Alisha Sarang-Sieminski, director of the SCOPE Program.