Shannon P. Paleologos Director of Annual Giving and Family and Alumni Relations


Message from the President

Your giving to Olin puts the wind under our wings. Your gifts advance Olin in so many ways—by supporting innovation in the curriculum, making it possible for talented students to study here, and enabling us to collaborate beyond our campus, among many other things. Olin was created by a great act of philanthropy and the power of generosity sustains us to this day.

Thanks for your support. It is really making a difference.

Rick Miller, President


Top Five Reasons to Invest in the Olin Revolution

Olin College of Engineering is leading the revolution in engineering education by transforming the way engineering is taught, learned and shared.

We have developed a curriculum that turns conventional expectations, standards and assumptions upside-down—and gets impressive results. Our approach entails moving from rote, by-the-book instruction to real, hands-on experiential learning. Our goal is nothing short of fundamentally improving the lives of people around the world through the power and innovation of engineering solutions. And the transformational effect is something we call the Olin Revolution.

We are fortunate to have a passionate, engaged community of supporters who believe in and wholly support our goals. To this end, we offer this list of five compelling reasons to invest in The Olin Revolution.

Reason 1: People-Inspired Engineering

Reason 2: Real-World Education

Reason 3: Culture of Innovation

Reason 4: Impact Now (and Beyond Our Walls)

Reason 5: The Joy in Engineering