The bricks and mortar of an institution like Olin College of Engineering are the framework on which a unique educational experience is built. From the dormitory to the laboratory to the library to the natural environment of the campus itself, the school’s facilities and infrastructure are as integral a part of the Olin community as the people who use and inhabit them. 

Keeping the Olin environment up to date and current with evolving standards and best practices is a crucial component in the success of the Olin Revolution. Having innovative spaces for ground-breaking work to take place is an important part of creating the optimum learning environment.

We invite donors considering making a gift toward Facilities and Infrastructure to email Alanna Boyd, Interim Vice President for Development, or call her at 781-292-2289.

Existing Campus Facilities Classrooms and Labs

  • Three design studios/classrooms
  • Two robotics labs
  • Computer science lab
  • Biology lab
  • Chemistry lab
  • Material engineering classroom

Library (in Milas Hall)

Norden Auditorium (in Milas Hall)

Campus Buildings

  • Academic Center

  • Campus Center

  • Milas Hall

  • Project Building

  • East Hall

  • West Hall


  • Collaboratory
  • Music Program
  • The Foundry