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Making a Gift as a Parent

The impact of Olin College of Engineering is felt in many ways; our core mission is to educate a transformative generation of engineers and to transform engineering education itself.

But for some, the Olin impact is more personal. When students arrive at Olin, they are young, curious and brimming with potential and ready to put their creativity and productivity into practice. By the time they leave, their curiosity has only intensified and their ideas have been focused and readied for application in any number of beneficial ways and contexts.

As parents, we know how it feels to see our children grow, succeed and thrive. We appreciate the people and places who give them inspiration and encouragement and those that drove their achievements.

Parent contributions are a part of sharing that appreciation. Whether a small gift or a sizeable donation, a spontaneous gesture or an ongoing annual commitment, Olin recognizes that parents are often motivated to take their support above and beyond expectations—and we gratefully appreciate that.

Parents and relatives who wish to learn more about supporting Olin in its efforts to educate and stimulate young minds with revolutionary ideas for social, technological and practical change are warmly invited to visit the Make Your Gift Online or Make Your Pledge Online pages.

Commemorative Scholarships
From graduation, reunion, marriage and parenthood to any other of life’s turning points, we invite parents of Olin College of Engineering alumni or currently enrolled students to commemorate their milestones by giving toward the Parent Scholarship Fund or by naming a scholarship ($5,000 per year for four years). A donation of this kind underscores these memorable occasions in a meaningful and generous way.

Parents and relatives interested in supporting the Olin Revolution through Commemorative Scholarship giving are invited to visit the Make Your Gift Online page and indicate their choice by selecting “Parent Scholarship Fund” from the Designation scroll bar in the Gift Information section.